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CityFlex 204

Combination sewer
cleaning unit

 J. Hvidtved Larsen

CityFlex 204 
Compact combi unit optimized for the city

Move around easily in both densely populated areas as well as in-between and inside buildings

CityFlex® 204 Combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

Work with minimum obstruction to traffic. This small unit is as efficient as its larger counterparts but also more cost effective and easier to maneuver in narrow spaces.

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Move around easily and cost efficiently
Move around easily and cost efficiently

The compact size of the CityFlex makes it easy to operate in urban areas where there is little accessibility and it gives you a competitive advantage since it allows you to go into those city sections with limitations on height, weight and environmental footprint.

CityFlex 204 Comfort combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE
Safety is prioritized
Safety is prioritized

CityFlex is equipped with working lights, rotating beacons, sidelights, and reflectors making evening shifts easier and safer. The storage compartments are also lockable so you can have your gear safely stored throughout the day.

CityFlex 204 Comfort combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

Key specifications

  • Tank: 879 UK gallons (4,000 liters)
  • Tank: 0.5 bar pressure approved
  • 3" pneumatic top suction and 4" manual bottom suction
  • Jetting pump: Uraca P3-10, 27 UK gpm @ 2320 psi (127 l/min @ 160 bar)
  • Vacuum pump: CVR RSL 400, 1,288 UK gpm (5,583 l/min) @60% vacuum
  • Converter for CCTV system 24V to 12V

Key features

Cabinets and shelves
Control panel
Remote control
Movable partition
Automatic end cover

Plenty of storage

CityFlex 204 Comfort combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

With lockable cabinets you are able to store and bring accessories and gear safely. It enables operators to get started - and move on to the next job faster.

Upgrade your ride

CityFlex 204 Comfort combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

Improve your workday with the different sets of accessories available for each of the CityFlex variants. These are available as different sizes of nozzles, hoses and coupling adaptors.

Automatic operation with the user-friendly control panel

CityFlex 204 Comfort combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

Manage all functions needed for the job with the simple control panel mounted on the back of the tank. This provides a more intuitive way to operate the CityFlex.

Easy and convenient operation at the palm of your hand

CityFlex 204 Comfort combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

No need to go back and forth to operate the jetting and vacuum pump and hoses, telescope arm or engine RPM. Operate all these functions while you stand next to the manhole.

Enjoy a flexible tank size with the movable partition

As the water in the tank gets used, the partition can be moved to give space for the sludge, keeping both separated at all times.

Empty your tank effortlessly and without obstructing

CityFlex 204 Comfort combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

The hydraulic end cover opens upwards automatically minimizing obstructions on roads or sidewalks

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BUS-based PLC

Fast, flexible and reliable system for service and operation

Experience an easier interface and fast response when operating the control panels. This system also allows for an easier, cheaper and more reliable way to diagnose and repair possible faults.

Steel protection

Strong and resistant tank

Our tanks are painted with an 8-step painting process to achieve a corrosion class C3. This allows an average lifetime of minimum 20 years.

Text and stripping

Personalize your units with your logo and message

Stand out from the rest and make your units unique to your business. Use the available sign plates to add your logo and/or any text you want.

Handwash facility

Hygiene on the go

Keep your hands clean at all times with the convenient hand wash facility mounted on the side of the truck. Wash your hands with warm water even in cold days.

Protection of the pump

A water filter protects the pump

The pump automatically switches off when the water in the tank reaches a minimum level

Protection of the compressor

A filter unit in the pipe system protects the compressor

The filter unit prevents the sludge from entering the pump in case the tank gets full

Product variations

CityFlex 204 Comfort combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

CityFlex 204 Comfort
More storage space with roller-shutter doors plus a 12V outlet

Get the general CityFlex specifications and the same amount of work lights as the Classic variant plus five lockable cabinets with roller shutter doors, three pipes for storage of 3" suction hoses, one cone holder and two storages for the fence. This Comfort variant includes a hydraulic hose reel with 150 m 3/4" jetting hose, and a 3/4" nozzle set

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CityFlex 204 Comfort combination sewer cleaning unit UK IE

CityFlex 204 Premium
Suction cassette, heated cabinets plus inverter for CCTV

Get the general CityFlex specifications with an improvement from the specifications of the Comfort variant. The CityFlex Premium comes with a 3” suction cassette with hydraulic lift and telescopic arm, a 2kW oil burner with air circulation through the cabinets, six work lights, four rotating beacons and four side lights with built-in reflectors, and a 1/2" nozzle set. As for storage, it includes five heated and lockable cabinets with light and roller shutter doors, three lockable drawers- one of them with LED light, one lockable tray, one open box, one cone holder and three storages for fence.

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